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Now enrolling for private lessons in-person or over zoom for all ages 7 and older, including Adults. All levels taught including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and adults at any level!

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Our innovative "Way Cool" program for kids and teens makes playing the piano an interactive and fun experience, while our "Musical Moments" program for adults provides an enjoyable and stress-free way to pick up the instrument. Join us today and discover the joy of making music!

At Allegro Piano School, our mission is to bring music to everyone.

We are passionate about the transformative power of music education and recreational music making, and believe that everyone deserves to experience the joys of making music. No matter your age or skill level, it's never too late to unleash the musical talent within you.

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 We believe that anyone can make music, regardless of age or perceived talent level.

Join us and experience the joy of making music! 


Benefits of Music Lessons

Wow Factor

Brain Power

Self Esteem

The joy of seeing your children play music they love and watching their musical skills develop and grow, or the joy of learning to play your favorite songs and wow-ing your friends and family.

Learning an instrument has been found to enhance critical thinking skills, memory, and focus, which can contribute to overall academic success. These benefits make learning music a valuable supplement to a well-rounded education.

Increased confidence, self-expression, and creativity through personal expression and the creation of music.


Our daughter took lessons from Laura Duncan. Laura is so energetic and keeps the kids interested. I never saw a kid so excited to go to a piano class! Give her a try. You won't regret it!

Student Praise

-Dave And Mariefe

Laura is an amazing piano teacher. Our son Liam started taking lessons with Laura several years ago and she truly helped him enjoy piano and gave him the encouragement he needed to pursue what has now become a passion of his. 

Student Praise


I've been taking piano lessons from Laura Duncan for three years. As a former school teacher, I am able to identify quality teaching when I see it. By focusing in on little details, Laura has enabled me to better tune in and hear where the music is going. That has been invaluable and helped me grow tremendously as her student.

Student Praise


Laura is a wonderful piano teacher! She is patient and encouraging, and extremely enthusiastic and motivating. She is teaching both my son and daughter, and they both love it! She pushes them to do their best, provides constructive feedback, and praises them for every accomplishment. 

Student Praise

About Your Teacher

Laura is a classically trained pianist, teacher, author, and owner of Allegro Piano School, located in the Central Valley in California. Her mission is to share the joy and healing power of music.

 Laura has taught private and group piano for over 30 years, sharing her enthusiasm for music with students of all ages. In 2012 she founded Allegro Piano School, teaching hundreds of students of all levels. She specializes in the Way Cool Keyboarding 4 Kids and Musical Moments for Teens and Adults curriculum- which makes learning fun and easy!

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What Do Students Learn?

You will learn sight reading, keys and chord structure, rhythm, reading sheet music and recognizing notes by ear and how to play to avoid injury or repetitive stress. You will also learn to improvise and compose your own original music!

how is Laura's teaching different?

Laura adapts lessons and teaching style tailored to each student's unique learning style, based on over 30 years experience teaching and playing piano. Her approach is great for students who don’t want a theory-only teaching method. Instead, she uses fun and interactive curriculum that's been proven to speed up learning and make learning piano more enjoyable, and dare we say, fun?!


Allegro Piano School is conveniently located in Old Town Clovis near the Clovis Library and Clark Intermediate in Clovis, CA. We also offer live, one-on-one online lessons from anywhere in the world over zoom. 


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